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7 pages tagged with "development"

HTML over DNS: Serving Blog Content Over DNS

I did an experiment to server blog content over DNS. »
Jacob Kiers on development, dns and technology | 17 Aug 2021 | 360 words, 2 mins

Mockery: returning values and throwing exceptions

Returning values and throwing exceptions for the same mocked method does not work in an obvious way. Explore with me how it works with Mockery. »
Jacob Kiers on development and work | 24 Jan 2015 | 348 words, 2 mins

Configure nginx with SSL and SPDY on Ubuntu 12.04 Precise

As an experiment, last night I decided to configure nginx with SSL and SPDY. Finding information on how to getting it working with Ubuntu 12.04 wasn’t that easy, so I decided to write the process down. »
Jacob Kiers on development and work | 17 Jan 2014 | 434 words, 3 mins

How to Dynamically Instantiate Classes in PHP

Using reflection to instantiate classes in PHP »
Jacob Kiers on development and php | 10 Mar 2009 | 370 words, 2 mins

40x Speedup With iconv And PHP

Or how I used options from a specific iconv version to speed up text cleaning. »
Jacob Kiers on development, php and work | 03 Mar 2009 | 698 words, 4 mins

Automatically add user to Ubuntu Linux and set password

A note for posterity with a script to create a user with a random password »
Jacob Kiers on development and work | 23 Dec 2008 | 74 words, 1 mins

PHP subversion post-commit hook

A post-commit hook for subversion, making it easier to track changes via email. »
Jacob Kiers on development, php and work | 11 Jun 2008 | 131 words, 1 mins