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Grace alone

Published on 26 June 2008 - christianity

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Did someone ever want to give you something of a very, very great value? Then you know how hard it can be to just accept it. It is nearly impossible to take it, and if you take it, you nearly drop it.

An even greater value has the grace which our Saviour, Jesus Christ, achieved for us. To give us this, Hes had to die.

Is the grace which He gives to us a consequence of our goodness towards Him? No way! If his grace depends on that, we will immediately and definitely go to hell, But luckely it doesn’t depend on that. It only depends on Him.

He knows us better than we know ourselves, nevertheless, he wants to give us His grace, which the apostle Paul calls an immeasurable richness. This is about the strongest expression I know to use when I want to show the greatness of something. And this grace, this richness, we can get from Him for free.

At last, in the sixth verse the apostle states that we are now, at this moment, with the Lord in heaven, due to his resurrection.

If I think about this, I can’t do anything but say: “how little do I think about my future”.

Do you show in your life His grace?

Based on Ephesians 2:6-9